Digital Gluten Free Baking Classes

.... from a celiac (who's also a mom of a celiac teen)


by Gayle

One of my goals during this 'new normal'(Covid) was to learn to make good gluten-free bread. Thanks to the guidance of Gluten Free KOB this nutritious multigrain loaf turns out every time! Next is cinnamon raisin bread!


by Eileen

'I would like to say Thank you once again - made the baguette last night and it was a huge hit — so good that it disappeared before a photo could be taken ... I did manage to get some tho - was a huge hit!!'


by Sydney

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your online cinnamon bun class on the weekend. I can't wait to take more of your classes. ​


by Ellen (Celiac Scene)

Her tips and techniques were gluten-free game changers. Now I know why my baking was not turning out as it should.


by Abby

"The gluten free sugar cookie baking class was so much fun! The recipe was easy to follow and tasty. It was a great way to spend an afternoon and learn something new"


by Christine

"Amazing class! Thank you, Teresa, for a personal touch on a holiday favourite. Learning the basics allows me to not be so scared of baking gluten free. There is no need to apologize for these gluten free cookies brought to the party. They will be looking for more!!!"


by Cayla

"My dad and I had a great time and loved learning a few tips and tricks. The unexpected gift of the recipe card, flour and cookie cutter was super adorable and very much appreciated."


by Sue

Thank you so much Teresa! I learned so much yesterday. I am so excited to make butter tarts for Christmas!! That statement alone is amazing as I have never been successful with regular pie dough. The results were amazing and so much easier than I thought it would be. Your helpful tips and tricks were inspiring! I can't wait to try another class, although my kids are chomping at the bit to do one too!


by Cindy

That was fun! Thank you for the opportunity to cook in a gluten free environment. The sugar cookies are delicious! We feel equipped and confident to try some GF Christmas baking in our own kitchen now. Thanks so much ​


by Tanya

Enjoyed the muffin class. Was an awesome evening. Learnt lots. So happy for the tips and recipes we have received. I'm really glad to have found this gluten free baking class. As now it will allow me to be baking my own goods and be choosey of what I put in my baking. A WONDERFUL, VERY informative class. I look forward to other classes in the future. Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I sign-up for a class?

    Browse through the classes and pick the one that you would like to learn. Click on the button to purchase. You will be directed to fill out your name and email. This Information is used for you to sign-in to your class(es). You will be directed to pay with your credit card. Payments can be received worldwide and are processed through Stripe.

  • Do I have to take the class at a specific time?

    No. You can take the class whenever it works for you. Once you purchase the class it will be on your personal dashboard and you can start, pause and watch as many times as you want. It is yours to review as many times as you need, for 30 days.

  • Do I get the recipe with the class?

    Yes, the at the end of every class you will find a recipe card. You can print or write out the recipe. You can refer back to the electronic recipe card, on your dashboard for 30 days.

  • Do your classes have other allergens?

    ALL classes are gluten free, yet, many of the classes are dairy and egg free as well. When possible, options are given to make the product dairy or egg free. Nut flours are not used. Feel free to send me an email to ask about specific ingredients that you need to know about.

  • Why do you have classes and do not just give recipes?

    You can give someone a recipe card, and HOPE for success. OR you can take a GF KOB online baking class and learn the 'why's' and 'how's' of gluten free baking ...... and be EQUIPPED to bake gluten free products with great texture and taste. Why don't you give it a try today.

  • What currency are your classes listed in?

    The classes are priced in Canadian dollars. When you purchase, your credit card will be charged your countries currency. The payment is taken through Stripe and they do the conversion rate of that day.

  • What device do I need to watch the pre-recorded video class?

    You need a device that has access to the internet. A smartphone, computer, or tablet will work with the platform. Make sure you are on wifi so you are not charged for data (GF KOB is in no way responsible for the data user to access and watch classes/recipes).

Gluten Free E-Book's by KOB

My Best Gluten Free Muffins

Tips and Techniques for Great Texture & Lift

You can download my families favourite Gluten Free Muffins. It also has a page of tips to be successful baking gluten free muffins and loaves.

Christmas Traditions

Gluten Free Style!

You can download this Christmas eCookbook. Nearly 50 pages of my families Christmas traditions ... gluten free style!
Gluten Free Christmas ebook

Baker (Teresa)

Celiac and Mom to a Celiac Teen

Gluten Free Baker

Teresa Baker

I’m married to my best friend, who happens to be a Dairy-Free Type 1 Diabetic. I’m also a mom to two fabulous people. One is a Celiac and the other is Not (she prides herself as being the ‘normal’ one in the family!). Our family has a few dietary restrictions, yet I don’t think any of us really notice…. most days! It is just our ‘normal’. Of course, food IS part of our daily life but it doesn’t rule our life. I hope what I’ve figured out along the way can help you. My doctor said that she believed I was a celiac since childhood, due to the damage. Yet, I had never heard the word celiac until I was an adult. The day that I was diagnosed, my doctor scared me to death with her chat about what could happen if I continued to eat gluten. Her words stuck with me and I never ate gluten again! Just to let you know a little bit about me, my dad is a professional glutenated baker. Before he retired, he got up early and baked for about 50 years! When I was a child, I could walk into the bakery and the ladies behind the counter would let me pick any mouthwatering donut I liked. Of course, I picked the biggest one I could find! When I was first diagnosed, I really needed my doctor’s words in my head to keep me from eating gluten. Her words helped me to be able to walk away from ordering a donut with my Tim Horton’s coffee. Or saying, ‘No thank you’ when my extended family gathered and ate cinnamon buns around the kitchen table. Or smile politely when a friend or family member made fun of my gluten free food, never thinking that I didn’t have a choice about this gluten free diet and that this wasn’t a fad diet for me. It was hard, in the beginning. Yet, I appreciate my doctor’s fear tactic approach. It worked for me. She told me that if I ate gluten my chances of cancer and other autoimmune diseases would increase, that was enough to walk away from a donut or a really great tasting bagel. Once my son was also diagnosed celiac, I had a desire to learn how to bake gluten free. I did not want my boy to loose the tastes of home. He really was my inspiration to learn! I read a lot of books, cookbooks, blogs, I took courses and I began to understand the chemistry behind gluten free baking. My background in dietary technology also helped and made me want to add nutrition whenever I could. Over the years, I have adapted my Grandma’s, Mom’s, Sister’s, Friends and Mother-in-law’s old family recipes to be ‘gluten free style’. I have enjoyed revamping and changing old and new recipes to make the baked goods have excellent texture and taste. I no longer have any desire for gluten and have not for a long time. BUT if you are finding it hard …. I hope my recipes and tips help you enjoy eating baked goods again! Bread and muffins do not have to crumble and gluten free food does taste good! My family and I enjoy the food we eat very much. Take the time to learn some techniques and tips and you will be equipped to carry on some of your old traditions gluten free style. You can download a digital class, download an e-cookbook or follow me on social media for any updates or new recipes. I hope you are successful at baking gluten free and carrying on traditions in your home. I use ingredients that are not hard to find, the baked goods taste excellent and the recipes are not complicated, YOU CAN do it! By the way, many people seem to get confused on how to say Gluten Free ‘KOB’. Let me explain, KOB rhymes with BOB and stands for ‘Kid Okay’d Baking’. My celiac and non celiac kids have OKAY’d each and everyone of my gluten free baking recipes. I hope you also enjoy and ‘okay’ Gluten Free KOB. Enjoy! Teresa

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